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Ricky B
Ricky B
Bike(s): Ibis Mojo Carbon, Trek 69er, Cannondale Gemini, Turner 5-Spot, Giant AC1
Mr. Extreme...he rides extreme, he looks extreme, unfortunately the foulness of his gear bag is also extreme. But tie it to the roof, bungie it to the rack, cause if you bring it in the truck we're all gonna yack.
"I love you Christine."

"I love you too, Christine."

"Christine, I'll be home in a little while."

"I can't, I got the kids."

"Honey I'm only going to bring $20 to Mt. Snow, don't worry William has money."

"Honey look at my new Oakley shorts"

"Honey I know they're too tight, but at least Will didn't get them."