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The Awards
Rider of the Year 2014

What more needs to be said...He could have easily been named ROTY any given year. He’s our best rider who makes the hard and sometimes impossible look so easy that it often goes unnoticed.

But not this year...

He led us on all the big rides, including the Wilderness 101 Ultra Endurance sufferfest, he cooked, he cleaned, he fixed, he raced, he built and maintained trails, he rode when we wouldn’t, he detached his retina, he separated his shoulder and he even melted Swazie’s heart.

What makes him worthy of being the King and now Rider of the Year is that he always manages to find his way to the back of the back of the pack to pull in all those struggling to hang on….and it’s about time we thanked him for it.

Congratulations Greg

Mountain Bike Haven’s 2014
Rider of the Year
Rider of the Year 2013

Willy Boy
Alliances in the Haven have been legendary. There’s a new one on every ride and they are about as solid as a Big Hurt prune juice blast.
This year’s alliance between the Wrangler and Willyboy was both solid and sneaky.
Like out of a scene from the Rifleman, the Wrangler could be heard whispering...
"Ride angry Boy" and Willyboy would respond "I will Pa"

And ride angry he did. Despite working 80 hour weeks and carrying around the belly of a CDTA bus driver, Willyboy elevated his game to a new level. The Boy rode like a beast!

In a year when some have named themselves...Willyboy has earned the right to take on the name
And be awarded the

Mountain Bike Haven 2013 Rider of the Year

Congratulations Colorado
2013 ROTY

The Year of the Ride

The runner up to ROTY, he sprinted to the front of the front of the pack in a hardtail minute. Longstroke impressed with his niner right side up…and upside down. He and Lavish are odds on favorites to win ROTY in 2014.

Crazy Dave
Crazy Dave was also a top contender for ROTY. The pied piper beat us up on every ride and made Kingdom an epic weekend…it was hair raising...

Duke Von Swazie
Swazie was strong but we all know he is much stronger. Maybe now that he’s fixed he’ll slow down some.

He could be the Havens new king of the mountain…no one will climb like Lavish in 2014.

For those of us who were able to trick Murf into a group ride..we realized one thing…It’s the same as it ever was. The Iron Man still rides more than all of us.

Big Hurt
Big Hurt made it through another season with heart failure, diarrhea, scoliosis, allergies and asthma. He’s planning on coming back strong next year if the prostrate doesn't act up.

Greg led the way all year...never leaving anyone behind. The only one of us who is worthy of the name.

Phelpsy came in strong this year, gave himself a name, pushed Colorado to ROTY and was lucky enough to be married to Chestertown's 2013 HHOTY recipient.

The Russian
Will the Russian capitulate?
If he gets the hardtail he could be the Havens first three time ROTY...not bad for a kid that we picked up on the side of the road.

And finally...

Our spiritual leader
He saved the Haven when it was left for dead. The ROTY 07 now runs the show…and it’s better than ever.

It’s been a great summer...Long live the Haven.
Rider of the Year 2009

Phil P

Phil "the Weisel" PARISI

2009 will go down as the Dark Age of Mountain Bike Haven. Years in the making, Parisi's Coup d'etat of the Haven raised the level of riding ….and lowered the level of civility.
In a year that saw Audino, BobbyJ and Haworth all see time at the top of the Power Rankings….It was Parisi who pushed the pace and turned every ride into an Epic.
The group rides got smaller….but they got better.

Rider of the Year doesn't always go to the best rider…..This year it did.

Congratulations King Phillip

Mountain Bike Haven's 2009

Move of the Year



"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter" Mark Twain

Once again, Murf proved to all of us that "it doesn't matter"…..just get on the bike and ride.
And ride he did…..especially on a cold damp afternoon at the Rock in late September.

He made the stream crossing
He made the Rock Garden
He made the turn at the Bogart T Section
He smoked the Ridge….as he always does


While BobbyJ, Parisi and The Big Hurt walked their bikes up the the midway point between Boulder Rock and Blair Witch…Murf rode up the fissure, gave the boys a look and quietly made his way to Blair witch...

It had never been done before.......

That's the Move Of The Year!
Rider of the Year 2008

The Russian

It's a new world! What better way to ring in the new left wing administration than to name our own communist sympathizer Steve as Mountain Bike Havens 2008 Rider of the Year. Although BobbyJ was just as deserving of the award, his belief in capitalism and free markets ultimately led to his downfall. BobbyJ had his best year ever, he punished the middle, the back, and some of the front of the pack all year and finally proved that he can be as strong as anyone in the 4th quarter..... but BobbyJ had the deck stacked against him in this year of change, he's wealthy, he works hard, he pays more in taxes than most of us make in a year...or two and he believes in God and Country. .....So in 2008

Steve is our Rider of the Year

He went to Phoenix and rode great with a broken leg
He never turned down a ride
He never clipped in
He caught the bike thief, gave him a Haven beat down...and managed to get a new bike out of it...ala RickyB

But most of all, Steve's Rider of the Year because he's dam good and it doesn't matter if he's injured, his bike is broke, it's 95 degrees and humid at Spire or he's as high as a kite.
Congratulations Steve...... Mountain Bike Haven's first two time winner

Mountain Bike Haven 2008 Rider of the Year
Move of the Year 2008


Kevin "MOON" Moonan

Made the turn on the way to the chairs at the Rock.

Few of us have ever done it.

Some of us won't even attempt it.

Big move for a rookie.........REAL BIG.
Rookie of the Year 2008


We saw a bad moon arising

We saw trouble on the way

We saw earthquakes and lightnin

And none of us could scare this kid away.

Congratulations on a great rookie season Moonan.
Rider of the Year 2007

Ricky B

With just one insurance claim Ricky B. went from the back of the back of the pack to the back of the middle of the pack.....

And if 2008 brings more bad luck he could very well find himself in the back of the front of the pack.

In a season of many individual accomplishments Ricky B. swept the awards this year by also winning Move of the Year and the Big Hurt Award.

With 65 to 1 odds at winning rider of the year this year Ricky B. has proven that rider of the year doesn't necessarily go to the best rider or the strongest rider or the best dressed rider....but it does go to the rider who had an exceptional season, and that's Ricky B.
Rider of the Year 2006


During a year filled with great individual performances:

Parisi's sprint to greatness and eventual sprint back to the middle of the pack.

Marini making the turn....looking and smelling great.

Phelps making the B loop hill, in the middle ring and wreaking of deer piss.

Ricky B's hucking prowess providing the best laughs of the year.

Steve smoking his way to the top once again.

Willy Boy finally admitting that he likes a girl.

The Big Hurt getting through a season without going to the emergency room.

Greg Hayworth putting a hurting on us all......when he felt like it.

Tony Audino doing a great job on the bathroom....and going way over budget.

But through it all Murf was the only one who rode consistently all year, even after he pulled his big toe nails off. He rode injured, angry and tired when most of would have stayed home.

Late in the game, when the 4th quarter is at hand the cream always rises to the top and it's always Murphy who pulls us out of the woods.

What better way to celebrate the new Democratic majority in the House and Senate than by selecting our Liberal Shitzoo Wrangler Tim Murphy as the 2006 rider of the year.

A special thanks to Marini Builders for sponsoring this year's rider of the year.
Rider of the Year 2005

The Russian
It was 1 ride……1 trail…..1 section…….1 turn